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Meet the Team: Audrey

What is your role at WEIMA America?
I am the Marketing Coordinator. I organize all trade shows, handle our advertising, maintain the content that goes on the website and write this blog!

What is your favorite thing about your job?
My job is 50% creative and 50% administrative-- I get to play around in Adobe Photoshop and then fill out paperwork. Believe it or not, I really enjoy both roles and the variety of the day!

In your opinion, what sets WEIMA America apart?
I work with really talented people. Each member of the WEIMA America team has different strengths. Our skills flow together nicely, and our goal is to make sure you receive top notch customer service.

What is the coolest application you've ever encountered?
I love watching our hard drive shredder in action. Maybe I've had too many hard drive crashes in my life, but there's something about watching those hard drives being torn to shreds that makes it allllll better.

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