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Market Trends are on the Rise

We've completed the first quarter of 2011 here at WEIMA America, and so far the business environment seems to be quite optimistic.

I think we can agree that what manufacturing experienced in 2009-2010 was due to companies' uncertainty about moving forward with projects and capital equipment purchases.  And rightfully so.  Due to the economic downturn as well as the the challenges businesses were facing by not being able to predict the tax base and healthcare expenses, no one could have the confidence or certainty that growing the business was the best move to make at the time.
As I would visit trade shows, discussions with peers would often include statements like, "We are quoting good jobs, but who knows if they will materialize?"  In many cases they never did, but were instead shelved with a tremdous amount of time and expense to boot.
What we are seeing now is almost a 180 degree turn-around in business confidence.  With the amount of capital that companies have banked so far in 2011, along with the urgent need to improve the efficiencies for their manufacturing processes, the opportunities for us are back and as strong as we have seen it in a couple of years.

When a project is started, it is viable, it is capitalized, and it happens in a fairly short time frame.  Everyone is in catch-up mode and, as a manufacturer, this is the business environment we all want to devote our careers to.
Let's all keep it rolling and enjoy the fruits of our hard work!
As good as things are with our modest ecomonic recovery, we shouldn't forget the less fortunate.  The horrific tragedy in Northern Japan is a reminder to me how vulnerable our good fortunes are.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the people that are struggling through an experience that is unimaginable.  We hope their recovery can come very, very soon.


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