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Man we are versatile!


I'm back!  Figuratively and literally.  Last week I took off for a road trip that would seem like torture to most people.  But I love a challenge.  My travels would take me up through Virginia, Pennsylvania, make a left hand turn and shoot on over into Ohio, and head south back to the homestead.  After it was all said and done, I covered 2,024 miles in 4 days.  I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon.  Especially since I made the trip with pneumonia.

Along the way I stopped and met with customers and prospective customers.  And I was thinking....  Man we are versatile!  

Monday morning:  I met with a prospective customer in Southern Virginia that needed to shred their pallet and wood waste for fuel.  

Monday afternoon:  I met with store fixtures customer that is shredding their waste to simply keep the shop clean and compact their dumpsters.  (A 4:1 compaction ratio to be exact.  I'm bragging a little.)

Tuesday Morning:  I met with a prospective customer in southern Pennsylvania.  They are an assembly plant for a major automobile business.  Basically, they have leftover plastic from the assembly that can be shred and recycled.

Tuesday Afternoon:  I met with a furniture manufacturer that has three WEIMA machines!  We grind their solid waste as it's being produced.  There is no material handling involved and it keeps their production lines moving along.  They have a hopper & two horizontal grinders.

Wednesday Morning:  I met with a prospective customer that's looking to shred hard drives.  I have a great answer for him.


Thursday Morning:  I met with prospective customer that assembles Caravans.  This was a very cool visit.  Basically they have quite a bit of nested based CNC wood waste.  Again, I have the right solution.

Thursday Afternoon:  I met with a customer that just purchased a WLK 15 shredder from me to do plastic recycling.  He's a recycler.  So he'll be putting a wide variety of plastics and paper into the machine.  

From there, I decided to head home.  Due to my illness, I missed a couple of people, and for that...  I am sorry.  

But, that's what a 2,000 mile road trip looks like in the size reduction business.  Wood, paper, plastic, and information destruction keeps me busy.  We'll talk soon!

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