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Industry Pulse - IHLA in review, by Jeremy Boggs.



Hello again!  Well, I got home late last night from the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association Convention (IHLA).  The trip home proved to be difficult in it of itself.  But that's a story for another time.  Perhaps over a beer if we get the chance?  

I had a great time.  Made some new contacts and met with some old ones.  We talked about the hardwood industry.  But more importantly, I wanted to give you a pulse from inside the hardwood lumber industry...  at least from an Indiana perspective.

For the most part, everyone seemed to be upbeat.  Cautious, but very hopeful that things seem to be swinging in the right direction! Attendance at the show was good. This is a far cry from about 6-8 months ago, when everyone was crying the blues.  Lumber deals were being secured on the floor and quality leads were being generated.  

As a vendor, we want to show the customer that we are still out there and available.  Sure, times have been hard.  But, it's business as usual for Weima America.  Our wood grinding equipment continues to be second to none in the industry and we are going to continue offer sound solutions for waste reduction equipment.  In short, I think 2011 is showing signs of being a good year.  It's up to you to make it great.


I would like to thank the IHLA for their hospitality.  They did a tremendous job in accommodating vendors as well as prospective customers.  I'm sure Weima America will make a return visit.  

Until next time...  May all your traffic lights be green and your roundabouts clear.

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