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High Fuel Prices Mean High Resin Prices


As I'm sure everyone knows, fuel prices are on the rise. Resin prices are directly related to petroleum costs. As the price of resin goes up, the importance of recycling becomes more critical. Manufacturers that reclaim their scrap are able to reuse the scrap and keep cost down. Industrial plastic waste can be reintroduced into the plastic process equipment to make more product or to be sold to other manufacturers. This practice will also keep the material out of our landfills and be more "earth friendly." 

Plastic waste that can't be reused in process can be used as a fuel to generate electricity. Post-consumer carpet and packaging films are good examples. There are several new facilities around the country that are using industrial plastic waste as a fuel source to generate electricity or make a usable fuel. 

We should all concentrate on how to improve and use all the material we can in one way or another to make our world a better place. Consciousness in recycling plastic waste is important and directly related to the bottom line and our well being.

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