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Golfing in a Hurricane


As we continue to worry for our neighbors to the north in the wake of Hurricane Irene, we recognize that we dodged a bullet here in South Carolina. We were certain we'd be hit directly, but like any hurricane, Irene unpredictably took a path that left us feeling incredibly lucky. We continue to think of you all to the north as you clean up in the wake of that destructive storm. We hope you are safe and sound!

WEIMA America's summer team-building outing was held on Saturday at a local (beautiful) golf course. I'm not a golfer, but Office Administrator, Rita, and I drove the golf cart around and took pictures while the rest of the team made their best attempts at shredding the course, so to speak. Here are some of the photos we took along the way of each team!

team golf cart

Team Golf Cart: Me (Audrey) and Rita
Side note: I drove my first golf cart on this day. It was a learning experience.


Team 1
Jeff, Charlie, Heiko, and Andrew

Team 2

Josh, Mark, Jackie, and Chad

Team 4

Katrin, Jeremy, Rodney, and Edwin

Team 3

...and the winning team...
Madison, Glen, Brian, and Josh!

So technically, we weren't golfing in a hurricane luckily. Ultimately we believe that a stronger team on-site in Fort Mill makes it possible for us to reach our goal of providing you with outstanding service. We mean it!


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