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Creative Design Saves Space and Money for Printer

outdoor systemWe recently completed a project for one of the largest printing firms in the Southeast. 

The company had many things happening all at the same time. They had purchased a local competitor, moved into a new facility to incorporate the additional business and equipment, and still maintained business as usual. This was quite an undertaking to experience.
During this process they felt this was the perfect time to automate their paper recycling process. Understanding all the advantages of preparing waste paper in a manner that increases their revenues was where WEIMA America and our partners in the project stepped in.
Installation of a WLK 10 WEIMA shredder, box dumper, new air/dust collection system and baler as seen in the picture to the right was completed in April. Even though the new facility has over 160,000 square feet, they felt that space was at a premium for the consolidation of two companies. 
They designed the entire recycling process outside the building.  Not only did this free up valuable space in the plant, it also saved them money by eliminating the need to build the system with the strict restrictions for internal equipment operations (OSHA regulations).
Constant coordination with our customer, the WEIMA equipment dealer, and paper broker enabled us to complete the job to the customer's expectations, while meeting the proposed completion schedule.
This is the fun part of our business-- we get to see what can be accomplished when qualified and conscious people work together to make something happen.

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