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Continued Innovations Propel Weima America for 2011


Within my association with Weima America, originally as an Independent Dealer, then a Business Development Consultant, and presently an employee of Weima America, I have noticed

one important facet of the Weima mindset-- "Concentrate on new innovations in the size reduction arena."

This last year we presented a number of these new innovations at trades shows across North America that pertained to a number of different industries.

At the IWF TRADE SHOW the new TH1500 Briquette Press for high volume wood applications was introduced, which in turn expands the markets that we can attack for densification projects. A newly designed ECO 1 (Jubilee) enhances the performance over earlier models and accepts various wood scrap with ease.

At the GRAPH EXPO print show we had the TH series Briquette Press that proved to be a big hit to printers.  The rules and regulations for dust control have stiffened and they need to direct their attention to this issue.  We also brought one of the WLK series single shaft shredders with all the additional features that Weima feels is required to perform in an efficient, safe and economical application for printers and paper recycling applications. 

At the largest plastics trade show in the world, "The K-SHOW," Weima unveiled our new design for single shaft technology, the SPIDER. It has far too many features to talk about in this article, but it will definitely set Weima apart from all others in the industry.

The feedback and sales generated from these Expos were strong, and the visitors truly understood Weima's attention to detail. 

We met with Martin Friz (Weima President) to discuss the future direction and to review what took place at Weima as a global player in size reduction earlier in 2010.  He introduced us to these and other innovations that will be coming during our meeting.  But what was very interesting is his statement as to when all these designs and developments had been taking place while maintaining existing manufacturing.

They had a vision three years prior that a potential downturn in the global economies could affect sales within our industry.  Therefore let's prepare ourselves with new products to introduce that which will set Weima apart and ensure continued growth for Weima America and its global partners. It is reassuring to know that Weima is a "FORWARD THINKING" organization.

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