Get an edge with the new aluminum briquette press TH 800 M from WEIMA on the Aluminum 2014

The wait is gradually coming to an end. From 7th October - 9th October, Düsseldorf will again be the hub of the aluminum world. WEIMA will exhibit several machines in this leading trade fair. These include the innovative TH 800 M matrix briquette press that is the real highlight for the trade fair and the performance-proven single-shaft shredder WL AL. Furthermore, various briquette press mechanical systems will be presented.

WEIMA Aluminium Brikett

Fig. 1: WEIMA Aluminum briquette size comparison, 80mm and 50mm

Shredding and briquetting of waste from sawing and milling offers numerous advantages for the aluminum industry. For metal briquettes, volume reduction and simplified further processing is an obvious advantage. It is easy to store and transport. The briquetting process for aluminum also facilitates retrieval of expensive cooling lubricants, residual oils and emulsions that are fed again into the cooling and lubrication circuits. The emerging metal briquettes can be melted down directly where they sink below in the melting process and melt with less formation of slag or little burnout.

Still, how can the recycling of aluminum residues be done so well with WEIMA’s new TH 800 M briquette press? Actually, it is very easy. The briquette presses of this series are a part of the so-called hydraulic matrix presses. An important advantage here is the extreme high pressure, which is expressed in the form of extremely robust metal briquettes. Round briquettes are produced with a diameter of 80mm on both sides. This becomes possible due to a press matrix in which the pressing is done. The sequence of movements of the cylinder and the matrices are monitored and controlled with a position sensor. With this, the exact position can be ascertained. The Siemens control system is used for the control. Thanks to the hydraulic oil cooling, the briquetting machine can be used in a flexible manner and it increases its service life. 

WEIMA WL AL Metallshredder

Fig. 2: WEIMA's new WL AL single-shaft shredder

Metal shavings and waste is valuable, heavy and often voluminous. These are the three good reasons to shred it. If the volume reduces, it is possible to transport it and process it again and to turn it into hard cash. With WEIMA, it is possible to shred all the light alloys such as aluminum as well as metals like copper and brass. Be it long profiles, cans, foils or even long, misshapen swarf or scrap from production.

For this purpose in particular, a powerful single-shaft shredder like the WEIMA WL AL, equipped with an innovative V-rotor, is perfectly suitable. It can be filled using a conveying belt, a forklift or even manually. In addition, the metal shredder can be integrated ideally as a pre-shredder in a two-step solution. The material is shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counter knife. The material slider is provided with wiping strips that prevent the unwanted feed of the material between the slider and the machine casing. WEIMA shredders are used regularly in the industry and in mid-sized operations all over the world. They are characterized by a very robust construction that ensures extremely high durability.



The WEIMA Group has been building shredding machines for almost 30 years for a wide range of applications with customers in the plastic, wood and recycling industry from all over the world. The WEIMA Group has approximately 160 employees worldwide and has sales offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America and more than 50 agencies worldwide. The production range includes single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, cutting mills, briquette presses and systems including accessories.


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