Plastics Recycler Increases Capacity with WEIMA Shredder

Aqua Plastics, Inc., a plastic recycler located in Hickory, North Carolina, integrated a WEIMA WL(K) 15 into their recycling line in 2006. Since then, they have experienced the benefits of a high-quality shredder that can process a wide variety of plastic scrap in large volumes.

A WEIMA WL(K) 15 shredder was installed at the front of the recycling line from the beginning. It wasn’t until they paired it with a granulator-- one that was able keep up with the shredder’s throughput-- that they were able to capture the true potential of the shredder. Aqua’s Hickory plant processes multiple grades of polypropylene (PP) parts, polyethylene (PE) parts, TPO, PET, and other various plastic types.
The initial goal of Aqua Plastics, Inc., was to provide pre-processed material for a large customer overseas. As they grew within the recycling market, they began grinding, washing, pelletizing and pulverizing for domestic manufacturers. With a streamlined and efficient recycling process, they have been able to supply regrind to both of these markets.

WLK 15 Plastik Zerkleinerer

Picture 1: WLK 15 plastic shredder

When asked about the benefits of a WEIMA shredder over other brands, Randall Cline, the Plant Manager for Aqua Plastics stated, “We wanted a machine that could handle everything from hard scrap to film and fiber. WEIMA’s shredder could do that and more. WEIMA has a reputation on the market for versatile, easily-maintainable machinery, and that has been our experience. We haven’t run into a plastic material that our WEIMA shredder couldn’t handle.”



The WEIMA Group has been building shredding machines for almost 30 years for a wide range of applications with customers in the plastic, wood and recycling industry from all over the world. The WEIMA Group has about 170 employees around the world with sales locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia. The production range includes single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, granulators, briquette presses and systems including accessories.


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