WEIMA briquettes! Real profit thanks to creating sustainable value.

Briquetting waste materials can reduce volumes by up to 90 %! We literally have the ability to turn trash into treasure. Briquetting also allows you to save money on expensive storage and production space. Briquettes are easier to store, lower an operation’s fire risk and decrease transportation costs.

WEIMA briquette presses are capable of handling various materials like wood, paper and cardboard, metal, and biomass. Machines can be designed for different briquette sizes and individual briquette shapes depending on the application. All models are noted for their robust construction as well as low maintenance technology. They can also be optimally integrated into your existing production line.



Benefits at one glance:

  • Volume of input material can be reduced by up to 90 %
  • Improved waste-material handling
  • Minimized disposal costs
  • Gaining of storage space
  • Briquettes can be sold
  • Even burning briquettes
  • No additives or binders
  • Reduction of transport and storage costs


  • Weima TH 514/520  – Briquette Press

    TH 514 - 820

  • Weima TH 800 S  – Briquette Press

    TH Vario Plus

  • Weima HD 500  – Briquette Press


  • Weima TH 1500  – Briquette Press

    TH 1500

  • Weima TH 2800  – Briquette Press

    TH 2800

  • Weima TH 3400  – Briquette Press

    TH 3400

  • Weima C 150  – Briquette Press


  • Weima C 140  – Briquette Press

    C 140

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74360 Ilsfeld
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